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Pet Warmers by Hottles


    Our pal Guinness snuggled up with his bite & claw proof Pet Hottle. 😊



What four-legged friend doesn’t like to come home from a muddy walk and snuggle in their bed?

Make snuggle time extra comfy with our unique, patented Pet Hottles.

Pet Warmers use the same patented, sealed thermal core as our regular Hottles. You can take comfort knowing your pet's Hottle has the same safety features as regular Hottles. These include:

  • No grains like rice or flax, which can ignite if overheated
  • No waxes or gels, which can cause serious burns if they leak
  • No filling with hot water
  • Non-toxic, natural materials, so if your pet does manage to chew into the thermal core, it will cause no harm
  • If you significantly overheat your Hottle, it is designed to gently pop in your microwave, not during use

In addition, Pet Hottles are available with:

  1. A removable, washable cover.
  2. A non-removable cover that is bite, tear and piercing resistant. Perfect protection against sharp claws and a curious nature!

A Pet Warmer is great for:

  • Keeping pets warm in cold winter months or when sleeping outdoors
  • Helping pets sleep soundly
  • Comforting newly weaned pets
  • Calming pets on long car trips
  • Helping settle pets when moving homes
  • Soothing pets when visiting the vet
  • Providing pain relief after surgery
  • Comforting and warming lambs, calves and other baby farm animals that have lost or been rejected by their mother