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Scientists at University College London have discovered how heat therapy works to relieve abdominal aches and pain.

Colic, cystitis, stomach aches and period pain are caused by either a temporary reduction in blood flow or over-distension of hollow organs such as the bowel or uterus. This local tissue damage activates pain receptors and this is the reason we feel pain.

Hottles provide comfort and help deactivate the cycle that switches pain receptors on.

The heat from a Hottles heat pack activates heat receptors (known as “TRPV1”), which in turn block pain receptors (known as “P2X3”). This stops or reduces the chemical messages sent from the damaged site to the brain, causing the pain to reduce or subside.

As with all aches and pains, if symptoms persist for a long period of time, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner.