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A Hottle is Safe

  • No toxic, sticky or explosive gels

  • No grains or seeds, so it won't rot or mold in damp conditions

  • Non-flammable

  • No filling with boiling water or closing fiddly stoppers

  • Built-in safety feature to ensure your Hottle doesn't reach dangerous temperatures or pressure. It is designed to gently pop and release water in the microwave, not during use

  • These features provide a direct benefit to many disadvantaged and impaired people.

A Hottle is Easy To Use

Simply place a Hottle in the microwave, and heat based on the recommended heating time of your microwave. If you are unsure of the strength of your microwave, click here for suggestions. And we are always just a phone call or email away and happy to help.

A Hottle can be reheated when warm; heat in 15-second increments until it is the temperature you require. And if you do significantly overheat your Hottle, it will pop in your microwave, not during use. It is this simple, yet safe, design that makes a Hottle a trustworthy warmer for younger children and the elderly.

A Hottle provides long-lasting warmth

The fibers within Hottles unique, patented thermal core (AquaCore™) heat up when microwaved to give long-lasting warmth.

In fact, a Hottle will retain heat for up to four hours.

Because Hottle stays warmer longer, it’s ideal for:

  • people on bed rest or who cannot move easily
  • keeping cozy on car trips and flights
  • keeping warm at winter / outdoor sporting events
  • keeping food warm
  • taking anywhere you might feel the cold or need relief from aches/pains

Simply heat up before you leave home and take Hottle's long lasting, soothing warmth with you.

A Hottle is Versatile

A Hottle is designed so that you can enjoy soothing warmth for both comfort or pain relief, at home or away. Most personal warmers are restricted to therapeutic applications, but a Hottle offers you much more.

Whilst a Hottle is great for relieving pain and relaxing muscles, a Hottle is also perfect for providing warmth on a cold night, making bedtime cozy for children, warming up in a cold car, taking with you to sporting events or ice rinks, or even keeping food warm.

Features include:

  • Removable and machine washable covers

  • A water-proof, sealed thermal core

  • A flat, soft design which is comfortable to sit or lay on, or have to rest on your body
  • Over 20 different cover styles and designs, all made from soft yet durable fabrics and fleeces

    A Hottle is Environmentally Friendly

    • A Hottle AquaCore™ never needs refilling, saving water
    • A Hottle efficiently uses microwave energy to heat, saving energy and electricity
    • A Hottle AquaCore™ uses natural fibers and water

    A Hottle is Suitable For Every Body

    When we designed our unique Hottle, we had one body type in mind – every body!

    Hottle is suitable for soothing aches, pains or for providing comfort and warmth to pregnant bodies, injured bodies, older bodies, delicate and sensitive skin bodies, child bodies, recovering bodies, working bodies, dog bodies, cat bodies, rabbit bodies... It really is for every body.