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Hottles Safety Features explained

We're proud of Hottle's exemplary safety record. No recorded injuries and millions of uses. 

Each Hottle has the following safety features:

  • A sealed thermal core, so no filling or handling of boiling water
  • No toxic ingredients, so no chance of chemical burns
  • It cannot ignite, as one of the main ingredients is water
  • And if it is accidentally overheated, it is designed to inflate and gently pop in the microwave, not burst or leak when in use

These safety features can give you the peace of mind you need. 

Unfortunately the same can't be said for many other types of heat pad:

  • Traditional hot water bottles need to be filled by hot water - a dangerous task, especially for an elderly person. The rubber can also deteriorate and burst during use, resulting in nasty burns
  • Gel packs get very hot from the microwave. If a hole forms in a gel pack, hot sticky gel can leak out onto your skin. This will cause serious temperature burns (and potentially chemical burns as well). The instinct is to immediately try to wipe the gel off, but that can spread it and increase the size and seriousness of the burn
  • Rice and grain bags (such as wheat bags) are flammable. If accidentally overheated, they can start smoldering. Sometimes this happens in the microwave, other times it happens when the overheated bag has been placed in a bed, where it continues smoldering and can eventually ignite. There are reported cases where the grain bags have ignited after an elderly person has taken them to bed, sadly resulting in fatalities. In the U.K. and Australia, governments have issued warnings regarding the dangers of these types of bags. Why take the chance?

Heat pads are a wonderful thing. Hottles Heat Pads offer all the benefits of gentle, soothing heat without the dangers of common heat packs. Dangers that unfortunately result in many ER trips each year, but can be easily avoided.