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Quilted Cotton Back Wrap

  • Hand quilted, cotton fabric
  • Portable and discreet so your back wrap can be worn under or over clothing
  • An elastic strap holds your back wrap snugly in place
  • A light layer of wadding gives extra insulation to keep your back wrap warmer for longer
  • Registered as a Class 1 medical device
  • Your order will include a Hottles thermal core, back wrap cover and instruction leaflet

Back ache is a real pain.

We understand it’s difficult to live and work with back pain. We also understand it’s difficult to keep traditional heat packs on your back.

We designed our unique Hottles back wrap with these difficulties in mind.

Our Hottles back wrap is discreet and can be worn under or over clothing. The elastic strap secures the back wrap snugly in place.

The entire back wrap can be placed inside the microwave for heating (just check to make sure it can rotate freely, otherwise just warm the thermal core). The back wrap can also be reheated before it has cooled, giving you constant warmth. 

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