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How do you Hottle?

October 30, 2020

How do you Hottle?

Hottles are versatile.

dog with heating pad pet comfort Make no bones about it, they are soothing pup companions.

Treat your cat with a cozy spot to lounge.     kitty cat heating pad pet warmth comfort

 Ease your back pain, your period cramps, your anxiety. 

Comfort your toes or warm up that baby’s bed.   warm toes heat pack lambswool

small child warm bum heating pack ice rink arena hockey Your bum might appreciate some comfort at the ice rink. In the  bleachers watching football? Perfect.

Your favorite take-out joint might be a half an hour drive, but   keep take out warm heat pad versatility

you can keep your grub warm all the way home with, you got it, your Hottle. 

Halloween heat pad warm stroller baby warmth Run out of ideas? Pop one in the stroller before trick or treating this year - your group will last longer in the fresh air (& see more goblins) with a cozy kiddo. 

Let’s hear how you Hottle!

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