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Soothing warmth during pregnancy?

September 30, 2020

Pregnant belly fleece heat pack for comfort

Absolutely! In fact, we’re not sure there’s a better time to take advantage of the soothing warmth a Hottle heating pad offers. Pregnancy brings on all kinds of pains and tightness and sore spots (and gas) that are completely new to your body in response to the baby you’re growing; a heat pack can help with that. 

  • If you are experiencing back pain - Hottle. 
  • If you are experiencing belly soreness - Hottle.         
  • If you need help relaxing - Hottle. 
  • If you are rocking pregnancy but have chilly toes - Hottle. 
Pregnant back purple fleece heating pad Pregnant belly faux lamb heat pack Pregnant couch relax belly burgundy bottle heat pack Cozy toes nap faux lamb heating pad


Hottle provides a gentle, soothing, safe heat that when applied appropriately, will never cause you harm. Hottles won’t leak. Hottles won’t ignite or grow mold. Hottles don’t require boiling water. Hottle will not overheat your core temperature like a hot bath or sauna. 

A heating pad can provide the pain relief and relaxation you need. The warmth from a Hottle heat pack can help relax your strained muscles, help soothe any soreness, and provide a cuddly, comfortable, cozy spot to relax and dream of tiny feet. 

Post-pregnancy, Hottles can keep warm a bassinet, a bottle, or your breast, especially if you suffer from Raynaud’s Phenomenon and struggle to breastfeed and especially in the chilly winter months. Hottles fit right in to help alleviate painful symptoms.

Here is a list of suggestions to overcome this common battle from :

Prevent or decrease any cold exposure to your breasts. Heat will usually stop the vasospasm, which will increase blood flow to the nipples and help alleviate the pain.
  • Cover breasts and keep them warm. Even your warm hands can help.
  • While nursing, keep the opposite breast covered and warm.
  • Wear hand warmers inside your bra when going out into cold air.
  • Use dry heat when experiencing pain. Try a hair dryer or heating pad to warm breasts. Wet, warm compresses will help during use, but when removed, evaporation will occur causing cooling, and the pain can start again.
  • Massage olive oil, warmed between your fingers, into the nipple when it is burning. Press forward from the base of the nipple which helps blood flow forward into the nipple.

    Using the soothing warmth of a Hottle heating pad during and post-pregnancy is just what any soon-to-be or new mom needs, even if just to cuddle while you wait :) Browse our collection of Hottles here.

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